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PTAC CLEANING – the ideal solution for your senior care community.

Senior care Air Conditioner cleaning (PTAC) quickly improves AC performance, while cutting energy costs.

Dirty heating and air conditioning can affect the bottom line of your senior care or retirement community. Under-maintained PTAC units consume approximately twice as much energy to provide a comfortable environment while elevating your energy consumption and costs.

Cleaner air creates a healthier, more pleasant environment for residents.

Cleaning the air conditioning units in retirement communities helps turn over the air, creating a healthier environment for residents. That’s why Fibercare’s air conditioning (PTAC) cleaning service have become important for senior care communities.

  • PTAC cleaning power-washes away the algae and mold build up within your AC units, resulting in clean fresh air flow within the senior community.
  • Clean air has substantial health benefits for your residents.
  • Cost of cleaning pays for itself within the coming year with the perpetual reduction in your energy bill.

Industry studies demonstrate that the cleaning of Packaged Terminal Air Conditioning (PTAC) units can offer significant financial savings while also ensuring a clean, safe, and comfortable environment.


The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) cites that “…energy savings as high as 25 percent may be attained from running clean heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.”

Study demonstrates how energy savings add up to over $10K annually.

The Energy Management Department of the La Quinta Hotel Corporation compared energy usage and costs savings one week after Fibercare cleaned their PTAC units. They estimated dollar savings projected at $10K to $15K per year. Click the button below to download and read the brief energy study.


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Benefits of Air Conditioner cleaning (PTAC):

  • According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), energy represents the single fastest-growing operating cost in the lodging industry. The EPA estimates that a 10 percent reduction in energy consumption would be equivalent to increasing RevPAR by $0.60 for limited service hotels and by more than $2 for full-service hotels.
  • U.S. Department of Energy cites that “…air conditioning and lighting alone make up half of a hotel’s electricity consumption.”
  • The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) cites that “…energy savings as high as 25 percent may be attained from running clean heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.”
  • Hotel operators can reduce energy consumption up to 25 percent and significantly improve indoor air quality for guests by maintaining clean PTAC units.

The Fibercare Air Conditioner cleaning (PTAC) Process:

  • Equipment Used – Fibercare uses truck mounted equipment that enables a high pressured cleaning for a steam cleaning process.  The water temperature used to clean the units is 200° F.  This heat contributes greatly to ensuring the breakdown of all debris within the unit.  The vacuum strength from the truck mounted equipment ensures proper and full extraction of all debris.
  • Chemical Used – Our process is GREEN. We use Industrial Strength Simple Green, a biodegradable, non-acidic* coil cleaner.  When sprayed on the PTAC unit, the cleaner breaks down the debris located in the coils.
  • Procedure – The steps of our cleaning process follow PTAC manufacturers’ specifications.  We work very closely with Amana, GE, Carrier and LG to ensure our procedure, equipment, and chemical is in accordance with each manufacturer’s maintenance requirements.

before and after :

Your air expensive air conditioning equipment cannot operate efficiently when it is clogged with dirt and sediment. If one machine’s operating capacity is diminished by 10%, imagine how that adds up if you’re operating 100 units in your facility.


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