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In senior living communities, cleanliness counts.

Restore the freshness and vitality of your community with clean carpets, drapes, upholstery, and clean air.

Your prospective Residents will see and feel a dramatic  difference.

You’re probably aware that your carpets endure substantial staining, wear and tear. So do carpets, upholstery and air conditioning units. These demanding cleaning requirements make Fibercare’s cleaning services a natural fit for residential living communities.

Steam cleaning extracts spills and deep stains from your carpet that build up from elderly living conditions. The outcome is carpets that are refreshed and restored. Prospective residents will notice the visible and healthful difference between your community and others they visit.

With a deep background offering commercial cleaning services to the nationwide hospitality industry, Fibercare also offers commercial carpet cleaning and other services for retirement homes and residential living communities anywhere in the continental United States. Our experience cleaning large facilities nationwide makes us an ideal vendor for any retirement center.

Commercial carpet cleaning is more than just cleaning carpets.

Granted, we make sure your carpets are cleaned to the highest standards, but we know it’s just as important to make sure there is no disruption to your everyday operations, and that we treat your residents and staff with the ultimate respect and professionalism.

Because our crews travel the country all year round, one of our crews is always nearby your properties regardless of your location. With offices across the United States, Fibercare can offer your properties a variety of services.

As your single vendor for all your deep cleaning needs, Fibercare guarantees you will receive the same high-quality service, regardless of location or brand.

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Cleaning services for residential living communities:

Senior living Living Carpet Cleaning – Fibercare has been cleaning carpet since the company started in 1985. We use powerful truck mounted extraction systems that dispense water at 180-210 degrees Farenheit at 500 pounds of pressure and a vacuum strength that ensures all built up debris is properly extracted.

Senior Living (PTAC) Cleaning –  Cleaning PTAC units is proven to save hotels money on their energy costs. The amount of savings has also been proven to pay for the cost of cleaning itself.

Senior Living Drapery Cleaning – Drapery cleaning completes Fibercare’s signature “quad-service” visit. We use a dry-cleaning method while the drapes are still on the rod.

Senior Living Upholstery Cleaning – Cleaning hotel furniture upholstery is another major area of service for Fibercare. For furniture, we combine steam cleaning with the application of a quick drying upholstery shampoo.

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