Professional Upholstery Cleaning for Hotels

Keep your hotel’s furniture spot free and clean with Fibercare’s professional upholstery cleaning services.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Professional Upholstery Cleaning Process

Cleaning upholstery for Hotels is another major area of service for Fibercare for years.

We apply a quick-drying upholstery shampoo to the furniture with a natural sponge. Spots are scrubbed with a furniture brush. The furniture upholstery gets cleaned when the room is set up. This way if there are any stubborn spots, they can be steam cleaned when the carpet cleaner comes into the room.

  1. Cleaning the upholstery fabric – scrubbed with a sponge dipped in fast dry upholstery shampoo.
  2. Any excess soap suds are toweled off.
  3. A furniture brush is used to scrub any spots that exist. For stubborn spots, a spotter is used and scrubbed with the furniture brush. If it still holds on, it is pointed out to the carpet cleaner for steam cleaning.
  4. Once the cleaning is through, the cushions are set up to dry.
  5. Furniture cushions are put back in place.

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Benefits of Professional Upholstery Cleaning

  • Remove Allergens – Vacuuming removes dust and other allergens from upholstery.
  • Upholstery Lasts Longer – Dust has jagged edges that scratch at upholstery fibers; these microscopic abrasions cause the fabric to look dull and thin, but by removing dust, fabric will last longer.
  • Appearance – Cleaning upholstery with shampoo, steam or dry cleaning solution is the best bet to keep furniture looking its best. After all, home owners want guests to notice the color scheme and pattern of furniture, not unsightly spots.
  • Upholstery Fabric Smells Fresh – Fabric absorbs odor from its environment. Wet or dry clean methods will deodorize the fabric, leaving it smelling as good as it looks.