Drapery Cleaning for Hotels

Keep your hotel’s drapes fresh and clean with Fibercare.

drapery cleaning

Drapery Cleaning Process

Drapery cleaning completes Fibercare’s standard “quad-service” visit. We use a dry-cleaning method while the drapes are hanging on the rod. This service is done while the crew is in the room for carpet and furniture. We do not service shears or blackout drapes.

  1. The drapes are closed and all lights in the room are turned on.
  2. Drapes are inspected for any damages.
  3. The top of the drapes are lightly brushed with a drapery brush, then the length of the drapes are brushed. ‘
  4. Drapes are sprayed evenly with a mixture of odorless mineral spirits, a charging agent and a deodorizer. If there are any spots, they are saturated with the mixture.
  5. Spotter is applied to a soft bristled spotter brush and the spot is lightly agitated. Then the mixture from above is reapplied to area.
  6. To complete the process, the drapes are vacuumed with a special drapery tool.

Benefits to Having Your Drapes Cleaned Where They Hang

  • Cleaning the drapes onsite means no down time
  • We don’t disturb the appearance of the drape
  • No damage due to handling
  • We clean top treatments
  • No delays in cleaning