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Trust Our Drapery Cleaning Process to protect your valuable investment.

Drapery cleaning completes Fibercare’s standard “quad-service” visit. We use a dry-cleaning method while the drapes are hanging on the rod. This service is done while the crew is in the room for carpet and furniture. Please note, we only clean draperies; we do not service shears or blackout drapes.

Consider Fibercare’s drapery cleaning services:

  • Cleaning the drapes onsite means no down time
  • We don’t disturb the appearance of the drape
  • No damage due to handling
  • We clean top treatments
  • No delays in cleaning

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Other Benefits of Professional Drapery Cleaning.

  • Drapes Last Longer – Dust has jagged edges that scratch at drapery fibers; these microscopic abrasions cause the fabric to look dull and thin, but by removing dust, fabric will last longer.
  • Appearance – Cleaning draperies using a dry-cleaning method while the drapes are hanging on the rod is the best bet to keep drapes looking their best. After all, you’d like your guests to notice your color scheme and quality draperies, not unsightly spots.
  • Drapery Fabric Smells Fresh – Fabric absorbs odor from its environment. Our dry cleaning method will deodorize the fabric, leaving it smelling as good as it looks.



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