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Save up to 67% on energy costs with cleaner air conditioning units.

New study demonstrates how energy savings can add up to over $14K annually.

It’s official – the efficiency of your hotel PTAC units greatly impacts your bottom line. This new study proves that regular cleaning and maintenance keeps these units at peak energy efficiency, while cutting energy costs up to $14K annually. The reason: under-maintained PTAC units consume approximately twice as much energy to provide a comfortable environment.

In September 2020, the ESA Cypress Creek hotel, located in Ft Lauderdale, FL, conducted a test to determine the effect of cleaning the coils of its hotel’s guestroom PTAC units to save energy. To facilitate the testing process, Fibercare PTAC cleaning services cleaned the coils of PTAC units in four guestrooms in the hotel. The test consisted of measuring the amount of time required to satisfy a three degree decrease on the guestroom package terminal air conditioner (PTAC). Hypothetically, a cleaner PTAC condenser should offer superior airflow (CFM) and return air flow that would satisfy the thermostat quicker and thereby reduce energy costs.

The results, before cleaning and after.

Prior to the test, annual energy costs for the four rooms was $1750. After cleaning, the costs went down to just $591, a savings of over $1185 for just four rooms. That’s over 67% savings.

For details on the study, cleck the link below to download the actual study findings.

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