Four reasons why Fibercare is your best choice for your commercial cleaning services.


Fibercare can be your one-stop-shop when it comes to your deep-cleaning needs. We can reach you no matter where you are located. We can provide any combination of services to fit your needs. Our highly-competitive pricing and flexible payment options can be adjusted to fit your specific situation. Call today and ask about the solution that you need and that your guests deserve.

1. Service Combinations

Fibercare offers a variety of maintenance programs that can be tailored to fit any property’s needs. Room carpet can be combined with public area carpet to clean up after a snowy, salty winter. Air conditioning PTAC cleaning can be combined with ice machine cleaning to help improve the efficiency of your units. Or one could combine theĀ commercial carpet cleaning, upholstery, drapery, tile and grout, and PTAC cleaning all in one to give the entire property a deep, thorough cleaning that your property needs.

2. Scheduling Concerns

Let our knowledge and experience work for you. Our flexible scheduling allows us in many cases to clean your property at times when occupancy is down or to perform the service around local events. Are you anticipating a surprise inspection soon? Call us now so we can help you prepare your property to look its best. Regardless of when we clean, rest assured that our trained and professional technicians will work with your staff and your guests to make the service a success.

3. Payment options

Fibercare also offers a number of flexible payment options to fit almost any property’s needs. Payments may be made in full or can be split up over a range of months to help distribute the cost over a period of time. Yearly payment plans for multiple visits can be established early in the year allowing you to focus on other aspects of managing your property. Credit card payments are also accepted for those clients who prefer that payment method.

4. Management Group Benefits

The best part about these different options is that they can apply to individual properties as well as entire management group portfolios. Our experience allows us to effectively work with groups that have a wide range of property layouts and brands within their portfolios. Volume discounts are available based on the size and frequency of services you request. Invoices can be sent to individual properties or to a corporate accounting office depending on each group’s needs.